Meatloaf Pepper Rings

Meatloaf Pepper Rings

Red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, ground turkey, Cajun seasoning, garlic plus seasoning, egg, breadcrumbs, shredded cheese

I used the recipe found here


These mini meatloaves were as cute as they were yummy! The bright colors of the peppers photograph nicely, plus they’re just a pleasing shape. I really love making mini meatloaves; they take less time to cook than a regular meatloaf, plus they’re just so adorable and Ann-sized.

We made these a little healthier by using ground turkey instead of beef. It made hardly any grease at all and let the seasonings shine more, too! While this is already relatively low-carb, but if you want even fewer, you could probably omit the breadcrumbs and they would still stick together fine.

I was hesitant to make these at first because the last time I tried to make pepper rings, I was making baked eggs inside them and that didn’t go too well at all. The pepper rings didn’t lay flat and the eggs oozed out onto the sheet pan and into one big, puddly super egg. This time though, it worked out because ground turkey oozes far less than raw eggs. Just a fact of life. I loved cutting them and getting both pepper and meat in each bite, yum! The only thing I’d change is probably use a more flavorful cheese (like pepper jack) next time to really make them punchy.

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