Breakfast Pots

Breakfast Pots

Maple-flavored baked beans, mild Italian turkey sausage, eggs, avocado

You can find the recipe here


This tasty breakfast-for-dinner was made by my lovely fiance! He found the recipe and we decided to buy ramekins especially for these. They are pretty adorable. Turns out the internet thinks so too, since these got the most likes on my Instagram by a lot! No one can resist cute individual breakfasts, especially when they’re topped with avocado 😉

Even though they were small, these breakfast pots were deceptively filling. With a quarter can of baked beans, an egg, half a sausage, and a quarter avocado per ramekin, there’s a lot to fill you up in a little space! My BF ended up eating most of the avocado since it isn’t my favorite, but I was in love with the surprise layer of beans on the bottom! Baked beans for breakfast is one food thing that the British got right.

Though the recipe tells us to make these with some crazy boiling method, my fiance decided to just pop them in the oven and bake them instead. After the eggs were baked to our liking, he topped the ramekins off with the sausage and avocado chunks. This dish didn’t really need any extra seasoning thanks to the beans and sausage, but you could definitely add hot sauce or whatever else you like on your eggs if you find it too bland.

I just have to end this post with a note to my sweetie: GOOD JOB BABY! 🙂

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