Kale and Bean Quinoa Bowl

Kale and Bean Quinoa Bowl

Kale, quinoa, white beans, shredded cheese


This simple dish was so yummy and filling and fast to make! Apart from the cheese this was actually a super healthy meal with very few ingredients. If you’re just starting out with cooking (or you’re not good at it), this is a great dish to make. Simply boil the quinoa, then add the can of beans and some leafy greens, stir it up, toss some cheese on top, and you have a meal that will keep you full for hours.

If you want a meal with lots of different textures, this bowl is perfect. The little grains of quinoa, slightly crunchy kale, soft beans, and creamy cheese make for an interesting combo in your mouth. You could easily make this dish a little more exciting by adding herbs, spices, or a sauce of some kind for more flavor. I was pretty satisfied with just the flavors of the kale and cheese but a bland meal isn’t for everyone.

As you can probably see, I try to make at least one quinoa dish each week. It started because quinoa was/is a bit of a food trend but now I just love it. It makes every dish more filling the same way that rice or pasta does, but is healthier than those other options. It’s also relatively cheap and goes a long way. Plus leftover quinoa dishes make delicious lunches for the next day!

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