Pizza Pockets

Pizza Pockets

Refrigerated biscuits, pepperoni, tomato sauce, white mushrooms, shredded cheese

I used this recipe


Yum yum yum! These little cuties were really easy to make and super fun to eat. They frankly weren’t that filling for dinner, but for lunch or a party they’d be the perfect treat. Of course I paired them with a side of veggies so we didn’t feel so bad about this dinner šŸ˜‰

The recipe I used for these suggested rolling the biscuits out big and flat and making the pockets folded-over half moon shapes. I tried to smush the biscuits out with my hands and it kind of worked but not enough to fold them over so we made a sandwich of two biscuits instead. The problem with apartment kitchens is there isn’t a ton of counter space, especially with a coffee maker and microwave in the way. That means no space to roll the biscuits out with a rolling pin. If you have the space, you can definitely do it that way but I worked with what I had.

We had these on a Friday for a fun, hand-held meal to start the weekend. They are a yummy alternative to the same old delivery or frozen pizza meal. One big plus to these pizza pockets is you can customize the filling to your taste. We had mushrooms kicking around the fridge and both love pepperoni so that’s what we used, but you can add any of your favorite pizza toppings as long as you chop them up small enough to fit inside the pockets. I also loved dipping them in the extra sauce stromboli-style; there’s something about dipping that makes a meal 10 times more fun!

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