Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers

Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey, sweet potatoes, Montreal steak seasoning, Tex-Mex cheese blend, whole wheat buns

You can find the original recipe here


What. The. What. I threw these burgers together on a busy night when we were due to play a round of pub trivia because I wanted a fast, filling recipe we could eat in a hurry. I got so much more than I bargained for, in a good way!

Though turkey burgers can sometimes be dry due to the lower fat content, these were so juicy! We baked them in the oven so they took a little longer to cook, but they came out perfectly. The chunks of sweet potato added moisture and made for a really unique flavor combination. I was pleasantly surprised that these stayed together well too. There’s no real binding agent (i.e. eggs, breadcrumbs, etc.) and big chunks of sweet potato, so I thought for sure they’d fall apart, but nope!

I didn’t use the suggested seasoning in the recipe but I used Montreal steak spice which was delicious! I’d tried it with sweet potatoes before and the salty spiciness pairs perfectly with both the sweetness and with any kind of meat. Definitely will be making these beauts again!

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