Cheese and Veggie Smothered Chicken

Cheese and Veggie Smothered Chicken

Chicken breast, Montreal steak seasoning, paprika, spinach, white mushrooms, marble cheese, brown rice


I swear my best dinner ideas come when I’m being lazy. I honestly can’t even remember what dish I was supposed to make with those chicken breasts. Whatever it was, when the day came to cook them I was either being lazy about the recipe, didn’t feel like eating whatever it was, or a combo of both. So this gorgeous, tasty chicken dish was born.

This dinner was really easy to make but required a lot of steps and dishes. So choose your poison I guess. I seasoned the chicken and popped it in the oven, then sauteed the vegetables and was cooking the rice all the while. Normally I don’t make a grain with dinner unless it’s part of the dish but I accidentally only bought 2 chicken breasts so without the rice, we probably would have still been hungry after dinner. My hubby-to-be can eat a lot for his size so I was worried he wouldn’t have enough to eat but this meal was pretty filling.

The Montreal steak spice was really salty and potent on this, so I was glad I decided not to add any extra spices when cooking the veggies. If onion is your thing you could add some of that without making the whole dish too overpowering.

P.S. Why does brown rice take so daggone long to cook? Like 40 minutes, give me a break!

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