Breakfast for Dinner #23: Baked Egg and Potato Hash


Baked Egg Hash

White potatoes, red bell pepper, eggs, feta cheese, basil pesto

Sorta kinda based on this recipe but not really


True story: I have never made nor eaten a breakfast hash before. I ate a lot of “breakfasts for dinners” growing up but never a hash. They sound delightful, though so I decided to give one a try. Then, upon reading the directions, I decided neither of my cast-iron pans were big enough for this task, so I just slapped everything into a casserole dish and baked it in stages (potatoes first) instead. It came out awesome!

The recipe that inspired this is actually nothing like what I made at all, except for the fact that it’s white potatoes and red bell pepper with some eggs on top. That’s the beauty of breakfast/brunch dishes: use eggs and essentially any other ingredient you could ever think of and you’ll have a delicious meal. I’m really into vegetarian breakfast dishes these days. While breakfast meats are obviously some of the world’s yummiest foods, the extra grease sometimes turns my tummy. Adding lots of colorful veggies to the eggs is perfect though!


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