Turkey Goulash


Turkey Goulash

Ground turkey, cavatappi pasta, garlic and olive oil diced tomatoes, green bell pepper, white mushrooms, parsley, oregano, garlic plus seasoning

Based on the recipe found here


This hearty dish was another edition of Food Bae Made Today. My fiance is great at choosing yummy, unique dishes to make on his days to cook and his kitchen skills are definitely improving (not that they were terrible before but still)!

Even though it’s summer and so hot we barely have appetites, it’s still nice to have a hearty, filling, comfort-food type meal once in awhile. After long days of work, you sometimes just wanna eat pasta. This was great because it contained lots of hidden veggies and a leaner meat than a traditional goulash, so it was comforting but healthy at the same time!

P.S. I realize that I’ve been posting rather sporadically lately. First of all, we went on vacation for a week and didn’t cook so that time was lost. I’ve also recently gotten a job as a freelance writer who’s paid by the word so no offense, but the writing I get paid to do is taking top priority at this point. 😉 I promise to try to post as regularly as possible though!

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