Maple-glazed Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Maple-glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Chicken breast, Montreal steak seasoning, maple syrup, sweet potatoes, vanilla almond milk, margarine

I used the recipe found here


When I chose to make this recipe, it was definitely for me. My fiance loves maple things (oh that French Canadian blood) but he’s never really warmed up to sweet potatoes. They’re one of my favourite foods since birth so I make them all the time; BF just tolerates them. This dish, however, changed his mind about sweets forever.

I wasn’t about to spend my hard-earned money on pre-made mashed sweet potatoes as the original recipe suggests, so I made them myself. The trick to making them super smooth and creamy (I learned this from my momma) is to use a hand mixer instead of a potato masher. They get so fluffy and there’s virtually no lumps! To save my tummy and our waistlines, I added the vanilla almond milk I had on hand instead of cream or cow milk to the sweets. This gave them an even sweeter flavour and that’s what hooked my fiance.

The chicken recipe sounded kind of weird at first but I decided to try it anyway. Who would think that Montreal steak seasoning, a strong, garlicky, pepper rub, would pair perfectly with maple syrup?? But it absolutely DOES. Be sure to use real maple syrup though. It tastes less sweet and has a more distinct flavour. I think if you just used regular table syrup (maple-flavoured but made from corn), the end result wouldn’t be as awesome. 10/10 would make again, both for flavours and for ease of preparation!

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