Veggie and Bacon Pizza


Veggie and Bacon Pizza

Thin pizza crust, bacon, tomato sauce, button mushrooms, spinach, roasted red peppers, three Italian cheese blend


I promise we don’t eat pizza as often as my last few weeks of posts might suggest. The problem is that the pre-made pizza crust that we like comes in 2-packs, and trying to store a full-size pizza crust for any period of time is easier said than done. For my pizza hound fiance, having different types of pizza so close together was like heaven, and I wasn’t complaining either 😉

This pizza recipe was concocted by basically throwing together the most random things in our fridge. We had a few pieces of bacon still chillin’ in there from awhile ago and we needed to use it for something. I’m honestly astounded that it lasted that long! Our spinach was getting wilty and there were a handful of leftover mushrooms from another dish, so they were added to the mix. The roasted red peppers were of course my addition because I have such a big fat love affair with them. Pizza is really the best dish to make when you have a refrigerator full of half-used ingredients that you don’t want to waste. It’s always delicious, is easy to make, and is one of the most fun dishes to prepare as a team 🙂

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