Quinoa Chili


Vegan Quinoa Chili

Quinoa, six-bean medley, chili-spiced diced tomatoes, chili seasoning mix, corn, red bell pepper, stock

You can find the recipe for this here


Chiliiiiiiiii. As any (even casual) reader of my blog can tell, I love chili. I never ate it as a kid because I refused to eat tomatoes or beans (yeah, I know). Now I love sweet chili, spicy chili, cheesy chili, chili with meat, chili with no meat, chili with cornbread, the list goes on. This recipe was a really unique one I found on an awesome vegan blog. Though I’m not labeling my dietary habits in any way, I like to cook vegetarian and vegan recipes a lot these days for nutritional purposes. This dish is an awesome example of how non-meat-eaters can still get a TON of protein in their meals. It’s so so filling so even making what seems like a small pot leaves you with lots of yummy leftovers.

The thing I liked most about this chili was the texture and consistency. As you might have gathered, I’m weird in that I like soup, but the thicker and chunkier the better. A lot of the time I won’t even finish the broth part of a bowl of, say, chicken noodle soup. I’ve always been this way. This chili was great for my weird preferences because it basically comes out as a bowl of mushy beans and tomatoes with a little bit of juice under it. Perfect!


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