Double Salami, Spinach, and Mushroom Pizza


Salami, Spinach, and Mushroom Pizza

Thin pizza crust, tomato sauce, spinach, button mushrooms, Genoa salami, calabrese salami



This was hands-down, no-foolin’ the best homemade pizza I’ve ever had. And look at this, friends! TWO WHOLE PHOTOS to show you how delicious it was. Be so so jealous.

Everything came together in perfect harmony for this pizza. We baked it for longer at a lower temperature than usual so that the crust was a little chewier instead of crisp and nearly burnt. The two types of salami were salty and spicy and played well off the creamy mixture of three types of cheese. We used minimal sauce to avoid a mess and an overpowering tomato taste. Finally, the mushrooms and spinach added texture and nutrients to what could have been a fully unhealthy dinner.

I feel like I’ve been putting spinach on/in everything these days. Honestly though, it’s the only way I’ll eat even close to my full share of daily greens. I’ve recently come around to at least picking at most salads, but cold, crunchy greens smothered in dressing still don’t thrill me very much. When I sneak spinach into pizzas, pastas, and skillets it takes on the flavours of the other ingredients so I’m way more willing to eat it. Even though cooked veggies aren’t as nutritious as raw, I think eating lots of cooked ones will definitely benefit me more in the end than eating none at all!

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