Pesto Breakfast Quinoa Bowls


Savoury Pesto Breakfast Quinoa Bowls

Quinoa, basil pesto, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, spinach, salt, pepper

You can find the recipe for these here


I feel like I always start posts with how I used to not like a food and then I made it in a dish and now I like it. This post is no different. For the longest time, I wouldn’t eat hard-boiled eggs. The idea of a solid yet slippery egg skeeved me out. But when I saw this recipe, I decided to give it a go. Everything’s good in a quinoa bowl and everything’s GREAT with pesto! I had nothing to lose.

As I hoped, these bowls were delish! I wasn’t so sure that pesto was a great flavour for a suposedly “breakfast” quinoa bowl but I didn’t really care because a) we ate them for dinner and b) the only thing that was really “breakfast” about this was the egg, which I’m cool with eating any time of day. The inevitable leftovers also warmed up great in the microwave, though the eggs did dry out a teensy bit. I will say that if you don’t like pesto, don’t bother trying this. The rest of the ingredients (minus the avocado) don’t have much flavour of their own, so pesto steals the show. If you’re not into that garlicky, basil-y goodness, you will hate this dish.

Pro tip: if you’re not photographing your quinoa bowls for social media, I recommend chopping the eggs into small chunks rather than slices. The slices are awkward to eat and the yolk falls out but dang do they look good in a picture! 😉


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