Fall Sausage Skillet


Fall Sausage Skillet

Maple brown sugar breakfast sausages, sweet potato, apple

I used this recipe


I expected this dish to be good. I didn’t expect it to be OMGAMAZING!!! Normally I’m not a huge fan of sweet flavours with meat, but everything worked together in this dish so well that I probably could’ve eaten the entire pan myself.

I honestly didn’t even season this. The sweetness of the sweet potatoes and apple paired with the flavour of the sausages were perfect for me. It is very sweet though so if you wanted to tone that down I guess you could add some pepper or herbs but honestly I wouldn’t touch it. The maple brown sugar breakfast sausages were the perfect choice for this dish because they were a lot sweeter than normal sausages and complemented the rest of the dish. If you wanted better sweet/savoury balance, plain breakfast sausages would work great too. Just no Italian or German dinner sausages!

Also I fully realize that this is a dish meant for fall when farm-fresh local apples are abundant and everyone’s in the mood for sweet, warm dishes. I really tried to forget I had pinned it and make other dinners instead. My love for sweet potatoes and breakfast sausages won out, though. I’ll be sure to make this again in the autumn when I can use a fresh apple I picked myself!

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