Sausage-Stuffed Peppers


Sausage-Stuffed Peppers

Hot Italian sausage, assorted bell peppers, breadcrumbs, three Italian cheese blend, milk, egg, tomato sauce, spinach

You can find the original recipe here


First of all, apologies for being so behind! I haven’t been posting as frequently as I should because I’ve been busy with other stuff. But I’m back!

These beauts were the first in the official series of once-a-week dinners made for me by my fiance. In case you missed it, from now on he gets to choose and make a dinner each week. I think it’s a great idea because as much as I love cooking, it’s nice to have a break from kitchen duty. Plus his meal choices will offer some diversity from my usual go-to’s.

This dish was totally my BF. He adores any meal with sausage. I was happy that he kept it a little healthy by choosing a recipe that contained a good amount of veggies (the peppers and the spinach in the stuffing). This dinner turned out super tasty too! The spicy sausage was a delicious counter to the sweetness of the peppers. It did come out kind of greasy because the sausage cooks inside the peppers and there’s no way to drain it. My suggestion would be to cut the peppers in half when checking if the meat is done in order to release some of the grease.

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