Italian Pulled Chicken Sandwiches


Crockpot Italian Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken breast, spinach, roasted red peppers, paprika, pepper, garlic plus seasoning, salt, three-Italian cheese blend, sandwich rolls

You can find the recipe for this dish here


This dinner began “BF cooking weekend” because for the second weekend in a row, I was scheduled both Saturday and Sunday and was absolutely pooped when I got home. Thankfully, my sweetie has taken a liking to cooking and even suggested he get to make one meal of his choice per week. As much as I love to cook, I couldn’t refuse!

As expected, the chicken got incredibly juicy in the slow cooker and it really absorbed the flavours of the seasoning and the roasted red peppers. Even though we halved this recipe, it was still more than enough food for the two of us. I had the huge sammie above and my BF ate two and we still had some leftovers! The meat tasted great on a big fat sandwich roll and stayed in the buns surprisingly well. This was also a great alternative to pulled pork because it wasn’t greasy or fatty at all!

The part I liked best about this dish was that you mix the vegetables in with the chicken for its last hour or two in the slow cooker. This makes them all soft and lets their flavours meld with the meat. Everything also holds together better on the sandwich this way too, as opposed to slapping the veggies on top before serving. These were easy and yummy and a perfectly filling meal to come home to after a long day.

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