Pea and Pepper Quinoa Bowl


Peas and Pepper Quinoa Bowl

Chickpeas, snap peas, red bell pepper, quinoa, garlic plus seasoning

I used the recipe found here


I’m in LOVE with quinoa bowls right now, so I was super excited to add this one to the menu. It has such a unique and healthy combo of ingredients that I never would have thought to put together. Unfortunately, I was unimpressed by this.

The whole dish was kind of bland and the snap pea flavour really overpowered everything. I like snap peas a lot because they remind me of (usually begrudgingly) helping my mom in her garden in the summers. On the other hand, they just have such a strong taste that I only really like when paired with other strong tastes. Maybe if I cooked them longer before throwing them into the quinoa it would have helped. In fact, I have since roasted the leftover snap peas in the oven with Cajun seasoning and they were amazing!

I probably should have just seasoned this dish more in general. The original recipe lists lime zest, honey, and red onion as additional ingredients that probably gave the bowls more flavour, but I’m either not a fan of or didn’t feel like purchasing those just for this dinner. So maybe it’s my own fault. TLDR; this dish was pretty good but underwhelmed me.

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