Bacon, Beans, and Broccoli Skillet


Bacon, Beans, and Broccoli Skillet

Bacon, white beans, broccoli, lemon juice, garlic plus seasoning, olive oil, salt, pepper

Based on this recipe


This dinner was another “fiance to the rescue!” dinners. I was scheduled to work a full shift on a Saturday (fun) but was then asked to stay an extra 2 hours to finish up some work. Obviously, I was beyond exhausted by the time I got home at 6. My BF had been home for the day and made us this delicious skillet that gave me some of my energy back!

The components of this dish seem like they wouldn’t go together at all. Maybe any combo of 2 of the 3 at best. But surprisingly it works! The bacon added a smoky, salty taste that improved the taste of everything else tenfold. The roasted broccoli was super tender and toned down the fatty saltiness of the meat. Plus the beans gave me some extra protein so I didn’t feel so sleepy. This was really the perfect dinner to come home to after a 10-hour work day. I’m so thankful for my sweetie who steps in to cook when I literally can’t.

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