Allergy-friendly Chicken Casserole

Allergy-friendly Chicken Casserole

Chicken breast, sweet potato, bacon, chicken stock, button mushrooms, thyme, paprika

I used this recipe


Let me start by saying that there is definitely a difference between British and North American cuisine. I’ve noticed it before when I made recipes from British websites in the past, and this Jamie Oliver creation is no different. While it was pretty tasty and healthy, an essentially boiled chicken stew is just not something you find regularly in North American homes anymore. The concept of a stew like this is kind of bizarre to me and without any strong flavours, it’s forgettable. Eating a chicken dish that just tastes like chicken did bring back good memories of eating dinner at my childhood home; my mom’s cooking is good but is often sans-spice, so I actually know what just chicken flesh (and other meat) tastes like. That said, this dinner was alright.

Because you both fry and then simmer the chicken, it stayed SUPER moist and juicy. The sweet potatoes and mushrooms were both cooked to extreme softness but kept their respective flavours nicely. The dish was a little bland, though, and way too soupy. I ended up throwing a lot of broth (and probably seasoning!) out because it probably would never have cooked down into a nice gravy, there was so much left over.

I think this dish tried to update a classic with sweets  instead of white potatoes but I wasn’t very impressed. It was enjoyable at the time but I won’t remember eating it weeks down the road and am in no hurry to make it again. Sorry, Jamie! 😉

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