Black Bean and Feta Quinoa Bowl

Black Bean and Feta Quinoa Bowl

Black beans, quinoa, corn, feta, spinach, chicken stock, chili seasoning blend

You can find the recipe for this dish here


Another delicious quinoa bowl: what a surprise 😉 Quinoa bowls are such a perfect solution to those nights (or days) when you’re pretty darn hungry but have ZERO time or ZERO ambition to make a healthy, yummy meal. Even though all I had was frozen spinach for this bowl, the heat from the quinoa thawed and cooked it after just a few minutes on the stove. I can’t believe I was such a quinoa-hater before!

I’ve really been on a kick with feta cheese lately. I’d rarely if ever eaten feta or any kind of goat cheese, but when one of my recipes called for it a few weeks ago, I thought I’d give it a go. It’s a cheese that both my fiance and I can agree on. The perks for me are that it’s not greasy, even when cooked, it’s tangy like the sharp cheese I love that BF hates, and it has yet to give me tummy troubles. For him, well, it’s cheese! 😛 Plus those crumbles are just so fun to shake out.

This is the first time I ever made quinoa with stock instead of water. If you’re keeping this recipe strictly animal-free, obviously vegetable stock or water is the way to go, but the recipe I used called for chicken stock so I decided to try it. Though the difference was subtle, especially with all the other strong flavours of the dish, the stock definitely gave the quinoa an extra somethin-somethin, taste-wise. Maybe I’ll try that method again the next time I have a spare carton of broth kicking around!

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