Chicken, Avocado, and Black Bean Flautas

Chicken, Avocado, and Black Bean Flautas

Chicken, avocado, black beans, chili seasoning mix, extra-chunky salsa, Tex-Mex cheese blend


It’s been awhile since I did a flauta/taquito recipe so I thought I was overdue. They’re so versatile and I love the crispy crunch the tortillas get after being baked in the oven! I was looking through my fridge and cupboards for filling ideas and this yummy dinner was born.

These were full of so many different flavours, which made them really satisfying! The spicy chicken, creamy avocado, zippy salsa, and gooey cheese made for a perfect combo. All the different sources of protein and fats also made these flautas super filling; I struggled to finish two of them! The only bad part was that the salsa soaked through the bottom of the tortillas (which it never did before so what the heck), which made them a little soggy and hard to eat. Otherwise, though, an awesome, easy meal for a Sunday evening at home with my sweetie 🙂

Making this dish also allowed me to explore a new place in my neighbourhood. I decided not to buy the avocado for this dish until the day I was going to make it to ensure perfect ripeness. On my walk home from work, I ducked into a little independent grocery store for the fruit. I’d never been in before but it was pretty neat. I’m always impressed that independent stores can survive with huge chains all around them and it felt nice to support local business. I’ll definitely be visiting again!

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