Chickpea and Corn Burgers


Chickpea and Corn Burgers

Chickpeas, corn, breadcrumbs, baby spinach, garlic plus seasoning

A modified version of this recipe


First of all, I can’t believe the amazing response these have received on Instagram! These vegetarian burgers are one of my most-liked posts of all time. Thanks, guys! Maybe it was the smiley fries 😉

These were sooo yummy! The chickpeas and corn (plus the breadcrumbs and bun) made them super filling. They were just garlicky enough without being overpowering. Even though the recipe suggest grilling/frying these burgers, I baked them and the texture still turned out great! They were a little dry and crusty on the outside but still moist on the inside, just as any burger should be. I was pleasantly surprised that they stayed together so well, actually. We don’t own a food processor (yet!) and our blender isn’t very big or high-powered, so my BF ended up smushing the beans and corn with a potato masher! All those push-ups he does came in handy 😉 Because we couldn’t grind them up fine, there were whole corn kernels and large pieces of chickpea still left in the burgers, but neither of us minded. In fact, they added some interesting texture to the patties!

These are great if you want a fast, minimal-fuss vegetarian meal for a tired evening. No matter how beat you are from work (or whatever you do), you can pulse some beans and corn into tiny pieces, mix that with breadcrumbs, form it into patties, and popp them into the oven!


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