Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole 


Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole

Ground turkey, sweet potato, three Italian cheese blend, chili seasoning mix

Based on the recipe found here


This was another one of those dishes where I really should have heeded the directions of the original recipe. When will I learn? The problem with this one was the sweet potatoes. The recipe suggests pre-cooking both the meat and the sweets (hehe)  so that you can just pop them in the oven quickly at the end to meld everything together and melt/brown the cheese. Because I’m a dummy, I only cooked the meat, thinking the sweet potatoes would cook up fast and all would be well. Wrong! They took FOREVER to soften and by the time they did, the meat was soooo dry. Plus I didn’t use enough seasoning so the entire dish was bland.

If I had actually followed directions, this casserole/skillet would probably have been a favourite! It contains all things I really love, and bonus points for browned cheese because that’s a treasure. If I ever attempted this again I still don’t think I’d add the recommended yellow bell pepper. They have a weird taste that I just can’t get behind. I wanted this dish to work out so badly and it fell flat for me. Maybe it’ll work out better for others, who actually follow directions? 😛 Find out for yourself!

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