Green Chicken Pizza

Green Chicken Pizza

Basil pesto, chicken breast, baby spinach, feta cheese, three Italian cheese blend, garlic plus seasoning


The idea for this pizza just came to me one day as I was watching Netflix. I’d bought all of the ingredients (minus the pizza crust) for other dishes but knew I’d have leftovers just sitting in my fridge. Thus, one of the yummiest pizzas I’ve ever tasted was born!

I don’t normally come up with my own recipe ideas, and when I do, I’m a bit unsure if they’ll turn out right. As much as I enjoy cooking and am successful at it, I just don’t have a brain that inherently knows how much of which ingredients will come together to make a perfect dish. Thankfully it’s pretty hard to mess up a pizza so I was nothing but confident about this one.

The chicken, spinach, and feta gave the pizza a Greek feel, while the pesto, garlic, and other cheeses put an Italian twist on the dish. I guess you’d call this a taste of the Mediterranean! It packed tons of flavour, gave us lean protein, and snuck some leafy greens in too. This dish was perfect for a quiet Friday at home.

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