Green Goddess Grilled Cheese

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese

Multi-grain bread, mozzarella cheese slices, avocado, basil pesto, baby spinach


Yes. I, Ann, ate an avocado of my own free will. As my loyal readers and close friends know, I’ve had a vendetta against avocados for as long as I can remember for no real reason. They seemed high-maintenance and I thought a creamy, savoury fruit was a super weird concept. Until a few weeks ago.

I was at my friend’s house for a casual girls’ night dinner. She made us chicken sandwiches and a salad, both of which were delish! When she offered freshly sliced avocado as a sandwich topping, I decided to grow up and finally face my food fear. Turns out, it was super yummy! After that, I was inspired to make these green beauties.

I’ve really been on a spinach kick lately, especially on sammies. Some people like it fresh on top, even on hot sandwiches, but I loved how it got a little wilted and stuck in the cheese. The gooey mozzarella made sure everything stayed put on the sandwiches, plus added a little bad fat to the good fat of the avocado. Of course the crowing touch to these grilled cheeses was the smear of pesto. I love pesto so much I would marry it if I could and everything I’ve ever put it on has improved ten-fold because of its aromatic deliciousness.

Even though we’ve made a lot of vegetarian dishes lately, this might be one of the healthiest of all, even with the bread and cheese. These sammies are nutritionally well-rounded and super tasty to boot. I wanna make them every day!

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