Crescent Taco Bake

Crescent Taco Bake

Ground beef, chili seasoning, salsa, crescent rolls

I used the recipe found here


I wanted this dish to blow my mind. I really, really did. But honestly, it was just ok. It’s been less than a week since I made this and I’ve kind of already forgotten about it. I’ve made crescent roll crust casseroles before and absolutely loved them, so I had high expectations going into this one. I thought that this one would be especially awesome because it combines taco meat (my love!) with the warm, doughy goodness of a layer bake.

This dish was good, there’s no doubt about that. It just wasn’t AMAZING. I didn’t feel inclined to fight my boyfriend over who got the last piece. When I scroll through my old blog posts, I feel like I won’t remember eating this one at all. Maybe the key was adding taco toppings after serving like the original blogger did. Maybe it was that crescent dough is actually kind of a weird pairing with taco meat after all. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for this when I made it. Who knows.

Best part of this entire dish: the ooey, gooey cheese layer that hides between the meat and the crescent dough. Omnomnom!



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