“Chicken” Parmesan


Vegetarian “Chicken” Parmesan

Chickpeas, garlic plus seasoning, flour, cornmeal, breadcrumbs, spaghetti, roasted garlic tomato sauce, three Italian cheese blend

The recipe can be found here


Just looking at it you’d think that was really a pair of big ol’ chicken boobs in the photo, right? I couldn’t believe how much this parm dish looked like the real thing. The best part was, even though it tasted literally nothing like meat, this was a phenomenal supper!

My boyfriend gets to take all the credit for this one. The only thing I contributed was topping the patties with sauce and cheese and taking the photo. I’d worked all day and was super tired and my fiance stayed home (it was a Saturday). Upon arriving home, I flopped on the couch with no real intention of moving. I was about to suggest we just order in, but it was BF to the rescue! My sweetie ground up the chickpea paste, formed it into patties, breaded and baked them, and nestled them on a bed of spaghetti and red sauce. Food somehow tastes better when you’re tired and you didn’t have to cook it 😉

We decided not to make this vegan as the original recipe suggests. The whole bit of making a batter and a cornmeal coating seemed like too much work, time, and ingredients. Instead, my boyfriend dipped the patties in an egg bath and just used regular old breadcrumbs as a coating. We also used real cheese, both because we love it and because I have no clue where I’d even buy vegan cheese near my house (maybe Whole Foods?). The dish came out great for us this way, but there are so many ways to customize it to your taste and dietary needs!

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