Vegetarian Enchiladas

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Whole wheat tortillas, taco sauce, shredded marble cheese, black beans, corn, sweet potato, chili seasoning blend

You can find the recipe for these here


These were as yummy as they look, and I think that’s pretty mouth-watering! I’d never even eaten an enchilada before, let alone made them, so I was a little tentative when I first pinned this recipe. Then I thought, I super-duper loved the vegetarian flautas I’d made with the same filling, and spicy sauce could only make them better!

I searched and searched the grocery stores but it seems that they just don’t sell pre-made enchilada sauce in Canada. Boo hiss! Instead, I made do with a big bottle of taco sauce. It was a smidge runnier than I imagine enchilada sauce would be, but it didn’t make the tortillas soggy at all. Yay!

We ran out of room in our baking dish before we used up all the filling. So for the next two days, I packed a container of beans/corn/sweet potato and a tortilla for a delicious makeshift burrito lunch. You can never go wrong with sweet potato leftovers; they always taste just as good or better the second day!

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