Breakfast for Dinner #19: Sausage and Potato Pie


Sausage and Potato Pie

Hot Italian sausage, eggs, shredded potatoes, spinach, three Italian cheese blend, salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, savory, oregano, sage

You can find the recipe for this here


I know, I know. I’ve made my share of frittatas before with some of the same ingredients, but hear me out! This one had spicy sausage, spinach, and shredded potatoes that made it a hearty dish for any time of day. The potatoes made this dish a little more filling than a regular frittata, which was great after we both worked a long, hard Monday.

Both my boyfriend and I were excited to eat this dish as our first home-made, non-vegetarian dish in two weeks. It combines his love of sausage with my love of breakfast food so we devoured the entire “pie” pretty fast. We literally made yummy noises the entire time. The only complaint I had was that the potatoes were soft and mushy when I wanted them to be crispy like regular hash browns. This is obviously just a matter of taste/texture preferences though, since my BF didn’t mind at all.

I also recommend baking this “pie” uncovered at 400 degrees from the start. A lot of the baked egg dishes I’ve made, including this one, list the baking temp. at 350, but I find the dishes always take wayyyyy longer than the recipe suggests to get the eggs even close to being thoroughly cooked. This one was done faster while keeping the eggs fluffy and moist instead of dry. Plus, it came out with a crispy brown top to boot!

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