“Pulled” Sweet Potato Sammies


 Pulled Sweet Potato Sandwiches

Sweet potato, salt, pepper, BBQ sauce, hamburger buns

I used the recipe found here


I’m pretty sure that I accidentally did some witchcraft while making this recipe that turned a plain old sweet potato into delicious, succulent pork. The soft shreds have all the juicy texture of pork without any of the stringiness or big gross hunks of fat. It also seems like if you put enough BBQ sauce on anything, it will taste the same. Plus the sweet potato adds a slight, pleasant sweetness that you’d just think was part of the sauce flavour if you didn’t know better.

After shredding the sweet potato, all we had to do was pan-fry it for just 10 minutes, smother it in BBQ sauce, and slap it on a bun. So little work for such a scrumptious result. I could easily see this becoming a new cook-out favourite! This would also be a good dish to ease vegetarian-doubters into enjoying a meatless meal that isn’t plain pasta or topping-less pizza. The texture and taste are so simple to a real pulled pork sandwich that you could probably trick someone into it (if you’re into that). And who doesn’t like sweet potatoes?! I really want to try this one on my parents to prove to them that eating veggie-based meals can be delicious!

I’ve read that you can also make a similar dish using jackfruit instead of sweet potatoes. Since I’ve never heard of jackfruit (and wouldn’t know where to find it) I decided to make the sweet potato version instead. Besides, sweets are one of my all-time favourite foods and I’m always looking for new, unique ways to incorporate them into my dinners!

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