Pan-Fried Gnocchi with Beans and Vegetables


Gnocchi with Beans and Vegetables

Gnocchi, sun-dried tomatoes, white beans, spinach, olive oil, paprika, garlic plus seasoning, salt, pepper

I used this recipe


You can never go wrong with gnocchi. This is something I’ve learned since I started Food Ann Made Today. They’re cute little doughy lumps of deliciousness that somehow taste even better when they’re pan-fried, like the ones in this recipe. I love me a one-pan pasta dish and this one really delivered. The chewy gnocchi, acidic tomatoes, filling beans, and super-food spinach make this dish a flavourful, nutritious dinner no one could resist!

I was a pretty big fan of this one, but my BF went nuts for it. He loves gnocchi and practically lives for sun-dried tomatoes, so it’s no surprise that we didn’t have any leftovers of this one-pot wonder. I was pretty surprised that he still loved it so much considering most dishes I’ve made that were similar to this contained his other favourite, sausage.

Going vegetarian at home for 2 weeks seemed like an impossible task when we thought of it, but neither of us really miss the meat at all thanks to yummy recipes like this one! As a kid (and still now to a point) I was a ridiculously picky eater. If you’d have told 6-year-old (or 10 . . . or 15 . . . or even 20) me that I’d be going relatively meat-free for weeks at a time, she would’ve died laughing. Being a grown-up with an expanded palate and some kitchen courage is pretty darn fun.

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