Baked Veggie Spring Rolls with Sweet Soy Sauce


Baked Veggie Spring Rolls with Sweet Soy Sauce

Spring roll wrappers, red bell pepper, carrots, green beans, soy sauce, garlic powder AND soy sauce, water, sugar, white wine vinegar, pepper

You can find the recipe for this dish here


I know this dish is pretty ugly. Thank god the spring rolls tasted pretty good and the sauce was spot-on. In fact, my boyfriend almost drank the leftovers straight from the saucepan 😛 I’d never made spring rolls (or any kind of rolls) before and the only experience I have cooking Asian food is a few stir-fries. That said, despite how homely they looked, the rolls were overall a success.

The original recipe calls for phyllo dough but I in my infinite wisdom decided I should use real rice paper spring roll wrappers to make these beauties. You would think I’d have learned to follow recipes by now but no. The rice paper was extremely sticky when we didn’t want it to be and suddenly not at all pliable when we tried to actually roll the filling up inside. From now on I’ll leave rice paper to the experts!

The veggies inside the rolls were super tasty! Even though they were stir-fried and baked, they still stayed pretty crunchy and the combo of flavours was perfect: the “green” tasting beans, acidic pepper, earthy soy sauce, and strong garlic made all the preparation problems worth it!

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