Lentil Chili with Sweet Cornbread 

Lentil Chili with Sweet Cornbread

Green lentils, red bell pepper, chicken broth, chili-spiced tomatoes, chili seasoning blend, shredded marble cheese, AND corn meal, eggs, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sugar, baking powder

You can find the chili recipe here and the cornbread recipe here


In case you haven’t noticed, this week (and next) is vegetarian week at Food Ann Made Today! And this idea was proposed by none other than my carnivorous boyfriend! When I was making the menu for this week I noticed that it contained the most varied types of cuisines ever. I guess other cultures are more vegetarian-friendly than North Americans 😉 Having to cut meat from every home-cooked meal this week forced me to get creative and try dishes my secretly-still-sort-of-picky brain has avoided up to now. It also meant making foods we normally eat but replacing meat with something else, like this awesome chili.

This was a delicious and superrrr filling meal, but I don’t know if “chili” is the right word for it. More like chili-flavoured lentils, but yummy all the same. The only weird thing about this recipe was that it made SO DARN MUCH FOOD. I shouldn’t have used the entire bag of lentils that the recipe called for because it made pretty much double what we could eat in one sitting. Fortunately, just like regular chili, the leftovers warmed up so great in the microwave I didn’t mind taking them for work lunches multiple days in a row 😛

Also, apologies for being soooo behind on my posts now. I was only scheduled to work 12 hours and ended up working 30! Keep an eye out for the entire collection of yummy vegetarian dishes coming very soon!

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