Falafel with Garlicky Roasted Potatoes

Falafel with Garlicky Roasted Potatoes

Whole wheat pita, falafel mix, creamy garlic sauce, vegetable oil AND white potatoes, olive oil, garlic plus seasoning


This dinner was weird for all kinds of reasons. First and most importantly, the only thing that was really, truly “homemade” was the potatoes. I’d never tried falafel before and it requires a bunch of random herbs, which I wasn’t about to buy in case I didn’t like it. So to be safe, I bought a boxed mix instead. But this was also the day of the Great Oil Smoke. My boyfriend was super eager to fry the falafel balls so he started heating the oil for them almost right away when I started cooking; turns out it took me longer to prep the potatoes than I expected, so I told him to take the oil off the heat until I was done. Well it must have retained its heat, plus got hotter and hotter when he put it back on because our falafels fried in like 2 seconds (good news) but started to smoke like nobody’s business, to the point that we opened our window and ran 3 fans for half an hour until it cleared enough that our eyes weren’t burning. Not a great cooking experience to be honest.

Despite all the kitchen drama, the meal tasted awesome! My first experience with falafel was super positive so who knows, maybe I’ll try to make it from scratch someday after all. The potatoes were roasted just to the point of softness without hitting that slightly-too-burnt phase that roasted veggies sometimes do. Plus, this meal was all about the strong herb and garlic flavours, which both my boyfriend and I are all about. So food 10/10, prep experience 1/10.


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