Breakfast for Dinner #18: Italian Breakfast Bake


Italian Breakfast Bake

Crescent rolls, Italian cheese blend, spinach, roasted red peppers, eggs, assorted salami, garlic plus seasoning

The original recipe is listed here


What a freaking awesome breakfast dish!! When I found this recipe I was beyond delighted because it is essentially a brunch-y version of this greasy wonder. But this time, it has eggs, veggies, and only one crescent-roll crust for your aesthetic pleasure. When thinking up what meat to put in a baked egg dish I’m sure different kinds of salami are not first on anyone’s list. But I’m telling you right now, it should be.

Though my boyfriend was already excited to try this one (he’s a deli meat fiend), he almost burst having to wait for it to come out of the oven when he realized it’s basically a sauce-less breakfast pizza/quiche. Anything can be a pizza if you want it hard enough 😉 In the end this did come out resembling a Chicago-style deep-dish, with a crescent roll “crust,” layers on layers of meat and veggie toppings, and melty brown cheese on top of it all. Yum.

I was kind of afraid the crescent rolls would either get soggy or over-bake in the time it took to bake the eggs to a less-than-runny consistency but nope, just golden brown glory. This dish was so so tasty and I kind of want to make it all day errday. Cutting a perfect bite that showed all the layers like an archaeological cross-section was one of my favourite culinary moments to date.

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