Taco Grilled Cheese

Taco Grilled Cheese

Ground turkey, taco seasoning, marble cheese, wheat bread, extra-chunky salsa, margarine

You can find the original recipe here


Oh my goodness. I don’t eat grilled cheese very often anymore because of my lactose sensitivity but when I found this recipe I decided it would be worth any pain. Taco grilled cheese?! What a combo! It seemed to perfect an idea to be true but luckily it wasn’t. This was one of my favourite dinners of late! Melty sandwiches are honestly the best.

The only problem with this dish was trying to wrangle the taco meat onto the sammies. Even though we broke the meat up super tiny, it still went all over the place when we tried to spoon it out onto the bread, but I guess there’s nothing you can really do to fix that. I used extra-chunky salsa to make sure the bread didn’t get soggy but we still got that yummy, spicy flavour (and a few veggies too!).

This recipe really has so many uses. Great for kids or other picky eaters. Great if you don’t know what to make and are just gathering random ingredients from your fridge. Great if you’re a sandwich fiend but are tired of the same old kinds. This might be the best sandwich I’ve made!

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