Crabcakes with Pub Chips

Crab Cakes with Homemade Pub Chips

Crab meat, mayonnaise, Cajun seasoning, lemon juice, breadcrumbs, egg and potatoes, salt, vegetable oil

I modified the recipe found here


Not even gonna lie, this is one of my most proud accomplishments of my entire life. I love and I mean LOVE crab cakes to the point that I order them almost every time we eat at a restaurant with them on the menu. Though they are pretty simple to make skills-wise, I never thought to add them to my weekly menu because I was afraid I’d royally screw them up and turn myself off of one of my favourite foods forever. Thank goodness that was not the case at all.

I was actually inspired to make these when my mother-in-law brought us a can of crab meat amongst other random groceries and suggested I make one of my fave foods for myself. I brushed it off at first but then decided to go for it. Since I started this culinary journey, I haven’t been one to shy away from a challenge. But even as I made them I was nervous, as I decided to leave out the red bell pepper and onions from the mixture. Nearly every crab cake I’d ever eaten contained little veggie specks so I was sure this would end up being a huge mistake. By some act of the cooking gods, we didn’t even miss them!

My boyfriend has been bugging me to add Cajun seasoning to pretty much everything since I bought a bottle of the mix and I finally found the dish with the perfect flavour profile to use it. Combined with the creamy mayo and rich crab, it added just a touch of spice and bold flavours for balance. BF always gives me great compliments but this one might be the all-time best: “If crab cakes taste like this at restaurants, I should order them more!” 🙂 He also made the deliciously salty, crispy, and not-too-greasy pub chips for our side dish. I love being a team in the kitchen, especially when the results are this amazing!

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