BBQ Chicken Bubble-Up Bake


BBQ Chicken Bubble-up Bake

Chicken breast, refrigerated biscuits, BBQ sauce, Italian cheese blend

I used this recipe


It’s been so long since I made a bubble-up bake! I had nearly forgotten they were a thing until I came across this one during a longgggg scroll through Pinterest. BBQ chicken is a favourite of mine and my boyfriend practically lives for it, so I added this one to the menu right away. I have absolutely zero negative things to say about this dish. It tasted great, was super easy to make, and didn’t take too much time or skill or thought to prepare. You can’t go wrong with chicken, biscuits, cheese, and BBQ sauce!

Just chicken and biscuits, while AWESOME, seemed a little unhealthy, so I decided to try my hand at roasted vegetables as a side. I’ve all but stopped making steamed veggies at home because both my boyfriend and I find them so sad and boring. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower with garlic and a smidge of cheese seemed just up our ally! I got inspiration for these here.

This was a simple and tasty Friday night dinner after a cold and dreary week!

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