Breakfast for Dinner #17: Pancake Breakfast Sammies


Pancake Breakfast Sammies

Eggs, bacon, pancake mix


I realize that this is probably the least “homemade” of all the dinners I’ve featured, but it was still a fun idea so I’m posting about it anyway. It was a Sunday night and we were in dire need of a grocery trip. What we did have was some leftover bacon, almost a full dozen eggs, and a box of pancake mix taking up space in the cupboard. I hadn’t made dinner at home for three days in a row so I wanted to cook something for the blog; that meant just pancakes and bacon on a plate wouldn’t do. My original plan was to make waffle breakfast sammies but alas, we don’t have a waffle maker. Pancake sammies it was!

These were not as weird as I feared they’d be. I thought the sweet taste of the pancakes wouldn’t mesh with the salty bacon flavour but it really wasn’t noticeable. The pancakes definitely offered a different kind of base than toast or a bagel, but it worked. Everything tasted yummy and the eggs were just a tad runny, which was perfect for dipping our hashbrowns.

The only problem with making these was the timing. Trying to keep the pancakes and bacon hot while achieving eggs that weren’t going to poison us, all while not making a thousand dishes proved to be difficult. Our solution was popping the pancakes in the microwave for a few seconds right before plating so all parts of the sandwiches were hot. Since I made these in a pinch I probably won’t try them again, but these sammies were a fun experiment!


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