Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry with Rice 


Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry with Rice

Chicken breast, brown rice, baby corn, broccoli, carrots, snap peas, red bell pepper, water chestnut, onion, flour, soy sauce, garlic plus seasoning, ground ginger


I know at the start of this project I said I’d never post repeats for the sake of creativity and challenging myself. Today, I’m a liar. I was really craving stir-fry (thanks, PMS) and we had all the makings at home, so I decided what better dinner for Oscar night than homemade takeout! Like many dishes I remake or that are too similar to others I’ve made, I wasn’t going to post about this. I was just going to eat and enjoy it privately. As I stood over the wok, it hit me. Chicken stir-fry was the first dish I ever made for Food Ann Made Today. I’d obviously cooked things before that in my life, but that was the dish that inspired me to make varied, interesting, home-cooked dinners a big part of my and my boyfriend’s lives. So here it is, 7 months later, round two of My First Real Dinner.

Obviously I can’t remember how my very first stir-fry tasted back in July. I know we both liked it enough to give me the confidence to start my culinary journey. That said, I’m pretty sure it was really simple. I remember buying pre-cut chicken strips for it, which I now find crazy because chicken breast is expensive enough without adding another labour element into the price! I can’t even remember what I seasoned it with. Probably the same stuff except less of it, plus this time I added ground ginger for some spicy-sweet Asian flavour and flour to thicken the chicken juices into a yummy sauce. We also had rice this time around because what was I actually thinking serving stir-fry with no rice??

Besides just the differences in prep work and ingredients, I honestly felt so different in the kitchen this time. When I first started cooking I was much more reliant on recipes for ingredients and measurements; now I’m pretty comfortable making modifications to my taste and eyeballing most things. I also didn’t feel half as stressed. Even though I still sometimes get mopey when things don’t go right in the kitchen, every dinner prep doesn’t set my heart to racing and put me on the verge of a meltdown if I have more than one thing cooking at once. When I first started in the kitchen, I had a little experience and skill and a lot of will to learn and succeed. I’m so glad I pushed myself because now I have skills and stories I can share with my family and friends 🙂

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