Pesto Quinoa Bowl

Pesto Quinoa Bowls

Quinoa, basil pesto, spinach, chickpeas, Italian cheese blend

I used this recipe


Two quinoa bowls in two week? Is this really the Ann you know? Yeah, it is. I’ve figured out how to stop fighting with quinoa and how to embrace it. It’s a great base for a dish and makes you full in a hurry! This one in particular contains lots of yummy and healthy ingredients and a little bit of cheese to make it taste indulgent.

My boyfriend complained when I told him we were having this for dinner because it doesn’t contain any meat and he’s not a huge pesto fan. Imagine my surprise when he not only had seconds, but asked to take the leftovers in his lunch! Who can blame him? The pesto made this dish super aromatic and bright, while the cheese added a creamy tangy flavour. The spinach gave us our greens for the day and the quinoa and beans packed tons of protein, which snuck up on me and filled me up with just one small bowl! The original recipe doesn’t contain chickpeas but I added them because I love them and I thought they’d work well with the rest of the ingredients (which they really, really did!). Go modifications!

I might try this again sometime with different cheeses and/or tomato pesto instead of regular basil. Quinoa is a blank slate for flavours, so I’m excited to see all the things I can do to make it delicious!

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