Black Bean Turkey Burgers

Black Bean Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey, black beans, garlic plus seasoning, breadcrumbs, marble cheese

You can find the original recipe for this dish here


These were absolutely awesome! I love me a good black bean burger and a good turkey burger, so putting both into one burger was bound to be amazing. I was afraid these wouldn’t hold together well, especially because I forgot to add an egg to the mixture (whoops!). Luckily, they mostly stayed in patty form, plus they cooked up really well on our griddle and weren’t too greasy. Greasy meat and undercooked meat are my main fears in the kitchen, so I felt super happy and relieved when these burgers behaved for me.

If you want a dinner that’s insanely filling with a tiny amount of food, these are for you! The beans, meat, breadcrumbs, and buns all combined to make a meal that was satisfying without feeling too heavy. In fact, we even had leftovers! I was afraid they wouldn’t warm up well in the microwave because burgers sometimes get tough and weird when reheated, but these were just as good if not better the second time.

I’m coming to realize just how often I use beans in my cooking now (nearly every day). Though they’re pretty much a lean-protein staple, I NEVER ate them until college. I have no clue why, considering they don’t really have a taste and the texture isn’t weird. I guess it was one of those childhood hang-ups that picky eaters have that you eventually give up, and thank goodness! Beans are one of my favourite ingredients now. Yay for protein-rich, healthy dinners!

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