Veggie Fried Rice


Veggie Fried Rice

Brown rice, peas, carrots, lima beans, green beans, corn, soy sauce, garlic plus seasoning, ground ginger, olive oil

Based on this recipe


I wouldn’t claim this was “better than takeout” like many home-made versions of popular takeout dishes do, but it was pretty darn good. This recipe is awesome and any of the negative stuff I have to say in this post is no fault of the original cook; some things just went wonky with my prep!

First off, I should’ve used fresh veggies like the recipe said. I thought I’d be slick and use a frozen vegetable medley to save money and time but it took them longer to cook that way, plus they retained a little of that “freezer” taste. This also could’ve used a LOT more soy sauce, which also would’ve made the veggies taste better, but in true Ann style I didn’t measure anything, so the whole dish tasted a little weak.

This also seemed to take a long time to make. I suppose I could’ve pre-cooked the rice as the recipe suggested but at the time I didn’t think that would be necessary. Even with cooking way longer than the recipe said, the rice came out kind of chewy instead of having that dry, almost crispy fried rice texture.

All that said, I really enjoyed this meal! It made great next-day lunches and tasted a lot less greasy/healthier than any takeout version I’ve eaten. Guess I’ll just have to work on perfecting my Asian cooking techniques!


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