Taco Pie


Taco Pie

Ground beef, taco seasoning, biscuit mix, milk, Tex-Mex cheese blend, salsa

I used the recipe found here


After eating this easy and delicious dinner, all I can say is “Thanks Betty Crocker!” When I read this recipe, I was afraid it would turn out weird. I mean, who pours biscuit mix on top of taco meat? But it was AMAZING.

I was especially afraid when I decided, based on budget and laziness reasons, that I wasn’t going to buy a box of biscuit mix when I had two perfectly good boxes of “all-purpose” Aunt Jemima pancake mix in my cupboard. I read that the type of mix I have usually already has the eggs in the mix, so I eliminated the eggs from the recipe and everything worked out fine. Word of caution: follow the directions in the order on the recipe. I thought I’d be slick and mix up the batter while the meat was on the stove. Because it sat so long, this lead to a thick, half-risen batter instead of a runny one. Not a huge deal, but kind of a pain to pour.

The biscuit layer tasted yummy and added some carbs to the meal, but didn’t seem that necessary. It held in the heat but that was about it. I’ve never heard of taco pie before so maybe I’m missing something but it seemed more novel than actually useful to the dish. It wasn’t any trouble or extra expense to have it there, it just felt random.

My boyfriend especially loved this one. He even put it on his mental “top 10” list of things I’ve cooked! It was definitely a fun new spin on tired old tacos, so I loved it as well. Based on taste and ease of preparation, I’d make this again. But if I was just craving tacos, this would not be on the top of the dinner list for ways of making them.

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