Mexican Stir Fry Rice Bowl

Mexican Stir Fry Rice Bowl

Chicken breast, mixed veggies, brown rice, taco seasoning, Tex-Mex cheese blend, olive oil

You can find the recipe here


Yum-o! This recipe is a fusion of Tex-Mex and Asian cuisines, as it combines a typical stir-fry with Tex-Mex flavours. I would have never thought to season a chicken and veggie stir-fry with taco seasoning, but it of course tasted great! This was one of those times when the “vegetable-y” taste was almost totally masked but we still reaped all the nutritional benefits.

The original recipe for this was a Paleo stir-fry, meaning it contained no rice or cheese according to Paleo diet restrictions. Both my boyfriend and I were feeling a little hungrier than just 2 chicken breasts and some veggies could satisfy, so I cooked up some rice and mixed it all together when serving. The addition of cheese is always a plus for us, but I think this dish would be flavourful and filling enough without it.

This dish was also really easy and relatively fast to make, especially if you follow the original recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any minute rice on hand so it took me a little longer and a few more dishes to accomplish this dinner, but it was still super simple. Just fire up your wok or frying pan and stir everything around in some oil and the taco seasoning. Brilliant!

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