Vegetarian Flautas  

Vegetarian Flautas

Sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, marble cheese, taco seasoning, whole wheat tortillas

I used this recipe


Ok real talk: I would eat this every minute of every day forever. Maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad but OMG. The best part about this dish (as with many I’ve made) was that there was extra filling after we’d made the number of flautas we both wanted. Yay lunch leftovers!

I’ve always loved sweet potatoes and have a relatively recent obsession with black beans and lucky for me, they pair perfectly! I’ve been actively seeking out more recipes with this ingredient combo for our vegetarian nights, so stay tuned! The subtle sweetness of the potatoes and corn, the heartiness of the black beans, the crunch of the tortillas, and the zip of the taco seasoning together made one of my all-time faves.

One great thing about veg dishes is the fact that you (probably) won’t die if your main ingredient isn’t fully cooked. Meat dishes always give me anxiety for that and as a result, I take extra care and time cooking to make sure we’re in the clear. Veggies take no time at all to cook and require a lot less prep work. For example, when I made my other taquito recipes, I had to pre-cook the protein source (chicken or eggs) before I could do any other part of the recipe. For these, I did have to pre-microwave the sweet potatoes, but in the meantime I prepped the rest of the filling and the shells, plus it took only 6 minutes and didn’t dirty a dish!

Also, news: my boyfriend, the number-one carnivore, actually requested more vegetarian recipes! What is happening? I’m glad he’s sharing in my culinary journey and is so willing to try all types of meals 🙂

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