Burger and Fries Casserole


Burger and Fries Casserole

French fries, ground beef, black pepper and garlic diced tomatoes, garlic plus seasoning, mozzarella cheese

I used this recipe


This was yet another dish that I was super jazzed to try that came out kind of weird. Mine looked nothing like the photo on the original recipe’s site. Damn you, Betty Crocker! Both my boyfriend and I list burgers and fries at the top of our favourite guilty pleasure foods. They’re just so greasy and cheesy and delicious! That’s why I couldn’t resist making a “cheat dish” (even though we’re not on a diet) that seemed made for us.

For some reason, though, the dish that seemed so easy turned out a little off. It was sort of runny and even though I left it in the oven for an extra 5 minutes, the fries never got crispy. In fact, some of the bigger ones weren’t even hot! A whole can of tomatoes was also way too much for just a pound of beef. It didn’t taste like any cheeseburger I’d ever eaten!

I wanted this one to work out so badly that I might actually attempt it again, just not for a loooooong while.

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