Tortellini and Vegetable Soup

Tortellini and Vegetable Soup

Arrabbiata tortellini, garlic and olive oil diced tomatoes, chicken broth, peas, carrots, green beans, corn, lima beans, pepper

This is another from my slow-cooker book, so no link. Sorry guys!


I’ve found you can’t really go wrong with tortellini. I can never find a bad thing to say about a dish that contains them. That said, this dinner was just ok. It definitely wasn’t bad by any means: it actually came out soupy (hooray!), everything was cooked well, it was seasoned fine. There was just nothing unique or memorable about it. It was tomato soup with some other stuff in it, whoopee. I’d maybe make this again if I wanted tortellini but didn’t want to just make a big ol’ bowl of them alone.

Also, veggies with tortellini is a kind of weird combo honestly. When I eat green beans, the first thing I think to put with them is not pasta and tomato soup but whatever. I think it would have been even weirder if I’d stuck to the original recipe’s suggestion of cheese tortellini. Cheese and vegetables is just weird. I used ones stuffed with this tomato and spicy pepper goo which is to die for. Maybe if you used meat-stuffed ones instead? Overall this dish was pretty good but there was something off about it.

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