Chili Pasta Bake

Chili Pasta Bake

Ground beef, pasta (elbows and rigatoni), marble cheese, chili seasoning, salsa, chili-seasoned diced tomatoes

I used this recipe


Admittedly this is not the healthiest recipe I’ve made. Then again, it’s probably not the worst. Regardless, it is sooo yummy! I never would have thought to combine chili and pasta but really works! If I ever make this again, I think I’ll make full-on chili with beans and veggies, not just seasoned meat, and mix it with the pasta for an even more filling and slightly more nutritious meal.

I was really happy when I stumbled across this recipe because I’d seen so many “Chili Mac and Cheese” dishes on Pinterest, all of which are wayyyyy too cheesy for my sensitive tummy. This one is similar but has about 25 percent of the cheese and it’s just in a layer on top, so you could even scrape it off when serving the dish if you wanted to.

The best part about this dish was the leftovers! The recipe makes a lot so my BF and I each got to take some in our lunches the next day. And like most tomato-based pasta dishes, it tasted even better the second time around since the sauce had time to soak into the pasta and get extra flavourful.

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