Breakfast for Dinner #15: Breakfast Taquitos 

Breakfast Taquitos

Eggs, green bell pepper, whole wheat tortillas, hot Italian sausage, spinach, salsa, marble cheese

I used this recipe


This was arguably the most random recipe I ever found on Pinterest. I’ve heard of (and successfully made) breakfast burritos but breakfast taquitos? What even is a taquito anyway? But because of my love of breakfast and Mexican foods, my curiosity got the best of me and am I ever glad! These were phenomenal!

Baking the taquitos made the tortillas slightly crunchy and the cheese all melty, plus warmed up the salsa inside which is my favourite way to eat it. The egg/sausage/spinach/cheese filling was such a delicious combination of flavours and a protein powerhouse! The best part was they didn’t even require that much work. Cook the sausage, scramble the eggs with the other ingredients, roll everything into tortillas and bake! If I wasn’t trying to make so many different recipes, I’d have this one on the menu weekly.

One warning: because you just roll the taquitos and can’t really seal the ends, especially after baking, a lot of the filling falls out if you eat these with your hands. Definitely have a fork and knife ready!

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